RevIVe’s inception began as a response to an unmet medical need with a diverse international team of health care professionals, scientists, pharmaceutical experts and innovators in a startup environment at Werkstaette Wattens. It was our desire to develop superior innovative research processes to deliver better care to patients. The customer journeys and personal stories from patients are the driving force behind our efforts and motivation to develop a new generation of delivering systems and help people to continue to living their life

The female founding team, consisting of Monique Hundsbichler and Eva Littringer got to know each other through years of collaboration in the field of pharmaceutical innovation management.

Monique Hundsbichler MBA – More than 30 years of international financial and funding experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry and National Health Service (NHS), UK.

DI Mag. Dr. Eva Littringer – currently Senior Fellow and „Out-of-the-Box-Thinker“ in pharmaceutical industry, with in-depth knowledge of pharmaceutical product development and extensive experience in innovation management.


In addition to university education (pharmacy, pharmaceutical engineering, health care, MBA) in the specialist area, the team can demonstrate years of professional experience in pharmaceutical product development in a wide variety of corporate areas (research and development, value added medicines, finance and funding management).

Eva Littringer


Monique Hundsbichler